Konstantin Kuligin

Came to Canada from Russia in 2010. He is a service centered entrepreneur with extensive expertise as a mortgage broker, private lender and financial professional. He is co-founder and managing partner of Best Capital Group of companies. He is Licensed mortgage broker in the AB and BC. Konstantin has B. Sc. degree in Engineering with a deep study of land cadastral. Konstantin is infinitely dedicated to giving back and involved in multiple charities (from KIVA .org to a board member for Foundation of advancement of Entrepreneurship – www.FAE.ngo).

Michael Sheret

Alberta born entrepreneur and successful Real Estate investor. He began his real estate journey as a child helping parents manage successful real estate holdings. From buying renovating, selling and renting properties he build his way up into a lending business. He is cofounder of Best Capital Group of Companies and owns significant real estate holdings through province of Alberta. Michael supporting charity Foundation of Big Ben and little brothers and sisters. He has been mentoring his little brother for a number of years.